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Are you keeping yourself in pain with your autoimmune pregnancy?

Watch us talk about what actually might be holding you back from having a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy with an autoimmune diagnosis.

Find the transcript below...

Mikayla 0:00 Hello, hello, hello, we are Live. And we are recording for those on our email list. Hey, what's going on? Cassie? What are we talking about today? Cassie 0:11 So today we are talking about "Are you keeping yourself in pain?" Are you the reason that you're in pain? What's going on, what's happening here? This is a really intense topic because it is highlighting that we really are in charge of our own lives here, and we might make you uncomfortable by listening to this because it really puts the power in your hands. So Cassie, would you like to start us off? Sure thing, okay. So one of the ways that you might be keeping yourself in pain during your pregnancy is because you are not getting specialized support to, you know, take care of your health to heal all of those things. And as much as we want to be able to do things on our own, you may have the knowledge you may be like taking in all of this information, but you may not have the ability to implement it, you may not have the accountability to implement these things. And you know, that's, that's okay. Like you're not expected to, but by not, you know, taking action or not finding support or help. You may be keeping yourself in a cycle of pain and keeping yourself you know, from reaching your goals and to getting to the place of health that you want to be. Mikayla, do you have anything to add to that? Mikayla 1:37 Yeah. So there are so many accounts online, there are so many Facebook groups, as you know, you're in one of them if you're watching this in our Facebook group right now, but there are so many groups that you could just spend your time and all day long with everybody's experiences, all the information that they're providing all of this just mishmash of information, which is valuable, right? It's valuable. But is it valuable to you is valuable to you in this moment? Because does it pertain to what you are going through, everybody is going through a different journey. And what is so amazing is that our clients only have to worry about their journey. We are not comparing our journey with anybody. We are not, we like to learn from other people, right? But we are not taking in other people's experiences as the knowledge that pertains to ourselves, we are saying, What is my diagnosis? What is my medical history? What do I need to pay attention to. And once you know that, that decreases your stress and your anxiety, huge amounts. And what is the number one bad thing when it comes to pregnancies, it is stress and anxiety, stress is just as harmful as eating McDonald's every day. It really, really is like we need to be aware of our stress levels. If you're a lover of McDonald's, I know that there are some things that we could you know, whatever, but it was just more of my metaphor. But also when it comes to stress and anxiety, you may not even be you may not know how much stress and anxiety you are under until it leaves. So a part of Western civilization is that we are so accustomed to minute amounts of stress all the time and stress and anxiety, and it builds up and how it's manifesting is in these chronic illnesses and these things that happen in our society, right. But back to pregnancy, you don't know what you don't know. So that means you if you're experiencing stress, you're experiencing anxiety, because you do not have specialized support. You may be experiencing this way more than is okay for you. You are so used to pain within your pregnancy. Within this anxiety. What do I do? Oh my gosh, I'm constantly learning. What am I gonna do for breastfeeding? What am I going to do for birth? What am I going to do? That you don't even know what it feels like to feel good in your pregnancy? Cassie, do you have anything to add to that? Like? Cassie 3:57 Yeah, and like one of the biggest things I think we are all we're all guilty of this. And it's something that it is it is easy to do nothing. It is the easiest thing to do nothing, especially when it comes to your health because like i mean i'm currently we've all experienced having to figure out how to bill your insurance like who's like what's going to take what you know, who's going to take your insurance, scheduling an appointment, sometimes that's a tech like finding a provider. All of these things make it easier to not do something. For example, I had back in I mean, I've had reoccurring back issues for years. And back in June, I had a really, you know, threw out my back and was and it just got progressively worse and I didn't do anything about it for months until it basically got to the point that I needed surgery. So it is so easy and I take good care of my health. I'm on top of my stuff, but it was just so much easier to not and to not have to deal with you know Paying the medical bills and going back and like finding a place that takes my insurance, or finding a place that you know, is meeting the right needs or is in all of these things, and there's just so much that go

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