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Are you preparing to breastfeed like you would an important test or job interview?

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

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Cassie- Today we're talking about one of my favorite things. We're talking about breastfeeding!

Cassie- One of the things that we say a lot, one of our main metaphors, we kind of switched it up a little bit, but "you wouldn't go into an important job interview without doing your research". You're not just going to show up to this company you know nothing about and be like "hire me please". So why would you treat breastfeeding, any differently, why would you go into breastfeeding without having that research done without going through and making sure you know, you know the background information? Maybe some good tips... You don't have to know everything and you're never going to know everything, but you can't just show up and do something you have previous knowledge. Another one of the metaphors we say is you won't show up for one of the most important tests of your life without studying for it is all of the same thing. You can't go into breastfeeding, without at least having a plan and some sort of knowledge. One of the biggest things in this country right now is our breastfeeding rates are really low, and most of that's due to COVIDbecause COVID has taken away a lot of support, social support as well as healthcare support. So a lot of birthing classes were canceled, breastfeeding classes were canceled, there may not be as much Postpartum Support you don't know what's there, what's available to you. You can't expect in the two-three days that you have in the hospital, to learn everything you need to know, heal, breastfeed well, and leave with all of the information that you will ever need. That's just not realistic. So having that continuous support is so important. And for a lot of women, we're told that breastfeeding is this natural skill that you could just naturally pick up, and that's not necessarily the case. Many women don't know what it's supposed to look like. We're in a society where we don't see breastfeeding often, we hide women who are breastfeeding away they go into another room or you cover yourself up. because of this, you don't even know what breastfeeding necessarily looks like. Even in movies and TV shows, they don't show it because it's we've sexualized breasts, we don't see them as a functional organ, we see them as something to be hidden away for modesty purposes so it's not something in our culture we see a lot.

Cassie- And if you don't see it, how are you supposed to know what it's supposed to look like, let alone be able to do it. Because women think it's this natural thing or they've been told that it's this natural thing and they don't get that extra support and education that's one of the reasons that they give up breastfeeding, they don't meet their breastfeeding goals. And we're gonna say this a lot in this live, it is not that women fail with breastfeeding, women, you have not failed with your breastfeeding journey your support system has failed you to be able to meet your goals. We're going to emphasize that till we're blue in the face because that's really what it comes down to. Maybe one of the things is that you need to make sure you have the right support system but in this past year it's been really, really difficult and that's one of the reasons why Mamas Maternal Health was born, to give women the continuous support that we have during that prenatal, all the way through our postpartum period to be able to meet your breastfeeding goals. So, Mikayla Do you want to add anything to that I know I kind of went off script a little bit here.

Mikayla- That's exactly why we are here to give you support in order to make it. So as we prep for breastfeeding and birth, this is one of our crucial pillars of the Healthy Autoimmune Pregnancy Protocol. As Cassie said, this is so that the system does not fail you. This is so you are prepped for success you have a foundation of information and knowledge that you need in order to be successful breastfeeding with an autoimmune diagnosis. So, what do we help our clients do and help you out a new pregnancy protocol, that's prepping for birth prepping for breastfeeding so we create a vision of exactly what our clients want to see in their breastfeeding journey. And of course, this might change Cassie says this all the time, it's going to depend on the person. But we're going to create that vision because you know when you have a goal, or you have a dream, right, if you are able to vocalize that you are that much more likely to achieve that goal that dream. Same with breastfeeding and infant nutrition because it is going to take work. So ultimately creating your why behind your breastfeeding journey. We're going to help you know all the benefits of breastfeeding, and why they're important for you and your baby and that's something that's really key too because if you're not really sure why you are working really hard to make sure that your baby is getting your amazing breast milk, then it might not be as fulfilling, right? So if you know everything about how incredible breast milk is you'll also be like "wow like I'm amazing". That's how we want you to feel. We're going to teach you exactly what a good latch looks like. So what does it look like, what does it mean? Especially if it's your first time breastfeeding, probably something you've never had to think about never had to understand necessarily which is totally normal. That is absolutely normal, but we want you to feel really confident and know what you're looking for in a good latch, which is going to help you long term through your breastfeeding experience. We'll even educate you about how to use a breast pump, creating a schedule for when you're going back to work and you want to continue breastfeeding. All these different things are super super important when it comes to success with breastfeeding. We want you to have all the tools in place so that you're not stressed, you're feeling great and you're meeting your goals.

Cassie- So that's just the things that we do with you and with our clients before baby even gets here. So you have a good idea of what this infant nutrition journey is going to look like for you. Obviously, there will be bumps in the road it ebbs and flows and goes all over the place, but you will at least have kind of an idea of what you want it to look like, and that way we can help you get to that point. We've learned about this stuff we've done all of this education to be able to help you. So, we have all of these things in the back of our heads that may not pertain to you, but it also could. We also might be able to find things and say "okay so you're struggling with an oversupply, maybe you're struggling with an undersupply, how can we help you get to your goals through this". So all that you're doing is staying the course and we're kind of adding in that information here and there and it's that support to be able to get you to that endpoint. You don't have to swerve around and go looking for this person over here and go trying to figure out what's going on over here and asking Dr. Google which is never a good thing to do, as we all are aware. But we'll be able to get you to that point where you're confident going into your birth, where you're confident knowing that there may be bumps but you know you have the tools in your back pocket to be able to be successful and to, you know, know that you are doing everything you can to breastfeed, to your heart's content. Because if we don't know and if we don't have that and it's stressful, we want to be able to enjoy this experience, and it is an emotional journey for sure but there's definitely enjoyment to be had with that. Anything else Mikayla?

Mikayla- No, I thought that was amazing and so if you're really interested in the Healthy Autoimmune Pregnancy Protocol because you know that you want to do everything in your power to avoid pregnancy complications, get yourself prepped and ready for birth, breastfeeding, postpartum healing, all the works, let us know today! DM us and say a "Protocol" and we will give you the information. There are limited spots for 2021 and our clients are feeling the amazing, amazing impact in this program because they know that this support is what's ultimately going to give them the pregnancy that they want. They even said it's the best investment they have on their pregnancy and you know how expensive having a baby is. They are really really feeling the positive effects of this program and we want you to as well. So, anyway, have a wonderful day, Cass do you have anything to add?

Cassie- I don't think so thanks to everyone for hanging out with us and let us know if this is something that you want for your journey for yourself as well.

Amen. All right. Bye guys!

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