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Are you REALLY doing everything in your power to have a happy and healthy pregnancy?

Are you REALLY doing everything in your power to have a happy and healthy pregnancy?

Mikayla- So we know that you're doing everything that's possible in order to have a healthy pregnancy, especially if you are in the United States, we know that the standard of care is just not enough, the typical system is leaving most mamas lost throughout their pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding journey because they are missing a streamlined system to get them to have the safe and healthy pregnancy that they so wish for. So if you are in the United States, and even if you're not in the United States, do you feel like you have a streamlined system to get you to the healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum that you really want? There's no need to rely on short 15-minute doctor visits and that leaves you feeling unheard and unfulfilled. Oftentimes moms reach out to doulas, nutritionists, lactation counselors, and honestly, our head hurts just thinking about all the different appointments. We see so many women having a bajillion doctor's appointments, and they just feel overwhelmed because they have so many appointments. But they're only 15 minutes long, there's only so many questions you can ask your doctors, there are only so many anxieties that can be talked about in a matter of 15 minutes, and it can become incredibly overwhelming. It also makes the mothers feel like they're inadequate because they don't feel good or heard

Mikayla- So you're reaching out to a million different types of providers, when really what you need is that streamlined system to make you feel really really good and make you feel really really confident and take away the stress and anxiety.

Cassie- One of the things too is that we are definitely for doctors, doctors are so important. But relying solely on those 15-minute appointments is not ideal. We know how overrun doctors are, we that they're going one appointment after the other and they don't necessarily always have the time that you need to answer your questions during this crazy and stressful time. So some of the things you have to do with an autoimmune diagnosis to have a healthy pregnancy is trust experts who specialize in your diagnosis and trust people who are giving you that unlimited support for your pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum. This is so that you aren't left with those questions because you shouldn't have to just rely on those doctor visits. Doctors do amazing things to make sure that you are on track to having a healthy pregnancy, that your weight gain is good, and you're not having complications and if you are having complications that they are able to treat those complications. But for those extra things like if you're looking to have that additional support, if you're looking to making sure that your nutrition is on track, making sure that you don't get to the point of complications, making sure that your stress levels are lowered, making sure that you are prepared for birth and prepared for having a baby. For those things, they can't necessarily always give you that time to get that knowledge and to get the information and make sure that even those nitty-gritty little details are taken care of. So one of the things that the specialized support can do is to make sure those questions are answered to be there to hold your hand. It is there to make sure that if you're freaking out at 2 am, in the morning, or the next day you're able to say, "Okay, I've got this everything's gonna be okay".

Cassie- And so the next thing we want to promote is our 3 Day Challenge for a Safe and Healthy Pregnancy with an Autoimmune Diagnosis. In this, we're going to talk about why autoimmune women like you deserve this top-level support during your pregnancy. This isn't something that's just nice to have, no you deserve to have this, even though in our society women are often left during their pregnancy and postpartum period on their own. Pregnancy and motherhood can be very isolating and you deserve to have someone in your court someone who's going to be there for you, say that you're doing awesome, but also make sure that you actually are on track and you actually are taking care of yourself and your baby.

We're also going to talk about how to have a safe and healthy complication-free pregnancy with an autoimmune diagnosis. We're going to give you steps, and why generalized support isn't the way to a safe and healthy pregnancy with an autoimmune diagnosis. Even though so many people follow these cookie-cutter standards, you don't have to. Why with an autoimmune diagnosis, those cookie-cutter ways aren't going to be helpful for you. So again, sticking to what 99% of all other women, even what other autoimmune women are doing, during their pregnancy is only going to increase your chances of having complications for you and your baby and even maybe risk chances of flare-ups with your diagnosis and we don't want that for you. We want you to have a pregnancy, birth, and postpartum that feels good, that looks good, that fits the lifestyle that you're looking for, even with your autoimmune diagnosis. We are starting this challenge a week from today, so next Tuesday we're starting. Make sure to sign up with the link in our bio, and we will help you, get through all of these things. There will be steps at the end of each day to work through to help you get to that point because it's not just, "here's this information", we want you to take the steps to actually have this healthy and safe pregnancy with your autoimmune diagnosis.

Mikayla- Not only are we going to give you all the information and the steps to have a healthy pregnancy with an autoimmune diagnosis. But you also have access to incredible prizes and we are talking about $1,000 off our 1:1 coaching. You must be registered to have access to the prizes, It's going to be incredible, and you will have the first dibs of our incredible announcement at the end of the week, which will be announced at the end of the challenge. You don't want to miss it so if you want to make sure that you have a healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum sign up! Even if you are TTC right now - aka trying to conceive- and you are looking ahead, you're looking into the future and you want to see if this is something that you'd be interested in or something that's going to help you. We encourage you to register because it's never too early. Put it out in the universe that you are ready to start trying, your ready to start growing your family. We want to make sure that you have access to all this information so that you feel confident from the get-go. We can't wait to see you at this challenge one week from today at 5 pm EST in our Facebook group. You need to be registered, it's not going to be on Instagram so you got to get in. Let us know when you've registered so we can put you on our story and celebrate!

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