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Enjoying the Holiday Season with Mindfulness

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

The holiday season is upon us! For most, this is a very happy time of year to catch up with friends and family. But for others, it can be a very stressful time with pregnancy food restrictions, morning sickness, little ones to take care of and feed, and overall feelings of overwhelm due to the crazy schedule!

We wanted to remind you that during this time is it okay to feel overwhelmed... BUT take a deep breath and don't sweat the small stuff. 

Here are a few tips...

1. If you are in anticipation of your little one, make sure you cherish your time while pregnant with your loved ones. Be sure to give them love before you become preoccupied with your new bundle of joy. And the food---try not to worry about the specifics! Eat your favorite holiday foods and be merry! It's time to make memories -- not check MyFitnessPal. 2. If this is your first year with your baby, stay present with your family --- take in the joy on your baby's face as they experience new things and become increasingly more familiar with the world around them. On the other hand, although there will be so much family that will want to see and hold your baby, don't feel bad if you need to take a moment alone to feed or just to breath.  Also, remember to give kindness to yourself. You may not be feeling like yourself since the arrival of your baby, or maybe you are still learning to be comfortable in your skin as a new Mama. Remember, you are a beautiful individual inside AND out. Your baby is a little miracle that you brought into this world. Allow yourself to enjoy the holidays in whatever way seems best for YOU. 3. If you've had a few holidays with your little one, continue making memories with them. Holidays with your children can be almost more magical than your own memories from when you were younger! Routines will be thrown to the wind and try to allow yourself to roll with the punches.  The same thing goes with the foods your family will be eating. Just as you enjoy holiday foods, so will your child. Allow them to be as adventurous as they want. One day of new foods won't hurt you or them (unless it becomes a negative experience-- aka reasons to stay calm in regards to special treats during the holidays).  As parents, we work to help our children eat well. However, part of eating well is allowing the enjoyment of special foods on special days. Offer a variety of foods to your kids but be sure to respect their ultimate food choices. If its a green bean, awesome! If its slice of apple pie, great! Again you are building memories on these days, so enjoy them!

Until next time!

Coaches Cassie and Mikayla


As always...

Your health today is a LIFETIME of health for you AND your baby.

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