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Galactagogues and Foods to Increase Your Milk Supply

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Galactagogues, or supplements used to increase milk supply, have been around for centuries, each culture has their own spin or version.

However, the majority of women may not actually need these supplements and should be considered supplemental instead of a first resort action to increase supply. However, some may be safe and others not so much.

Some medications and herbs actually decrease milk supply such as some birth controls, cabbage leaves, sage, oregano, and peppermint.

The medications will have a stronger effect, and, don't worry, having oregano in your food when you want won't make your supply diminish!


Medications such as Reglan or Motilium, typically used to increase gut motility, have been prescribed by doctors to increase milk supply. However, they may not be as effective as once thought and may put the mother at risk of developing cardiac issues and other risks.

Fenugreek, a very popular galactagogue, has actually not been proven to increase milk production or the corresponding hormone, prolactin. It may also interfere with medication effectiveness for moms. The thought is that it works on sweat glands which would then increase production of milk as well as you might notice that you are sweatier than normal.

Foods that have been typically used as galactagogues are oats, nuts/seeds such as flax or alfalfa even. These foods have high amounts of fiber, which has been shown to aid in increasing milk supply. And herbs such as ginger or garlic, spices such as cumin, chickpeas, and dark leafy greens.

Brewers yeast is another item seen in lactation cookies and other lactation snacks that has been thought to increase milk supply--however, there isn't a lot of evidence that proves so.

Safe herbs for tea are chickory, orange spice, peppermint, raspberry, red bush tea, rose hips, among others.

  1. What foods or galactogogues have you used to increase milk supply?

  2. Is there anything on this list that you haven't tried?

Reply and send your answers to, we would love to hear from you!


Your health today is a LIFETIME of health for you AND your baby.

Until next time!

Coaches Cassie and Mikayla

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