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How I broke out of the mold to offer the program that I want (and you need)

How I broke out of the mold to offer the program that I want (and you need). 😎🥳

<Cassie’s story.✨>

I have worked as a clinical dietitian and lactation counselor in multiple settings such as hospitals, schools, and have advocated for breastfeeding in EACH location.

Two things ALWAYS stood out the most.

❌99.99% of the time, ‘typical support’ locations did NOT offer continuous breastfeeding support (which is KEY in meeting Mama’s infant nutrition goals)❌

❌And new Mamas were ALWAYS more successful with breastfeeding when they had superior breastfeeding support!❌

You may be enrolled in an infant nutrition class, or even have your one IBCLC visit lined up and ready to go...

But if your *individualized goals* are not supported - it will be THAT much more difficult to meet them.

And that one IBCLC visit, or that infant nutrition/birthing course - is only going to give you cookie cutter advice (that isn't individualized for you) that will not prepare you for the REAL WORLD that is motherhood in early postpartum.

I knew this evidence, I SAW this evidence, and spoke out at my work places - but the only things that came up were:

😡ROADBLOCKS - because it's easier to continue to ignore the fact that women need more support through birth and breastfeeding than put in the work to CHANGE it

😡RED TAPE - hospital/business policies did not care about the actual support Mama was receiving - or if they did - not ENOUGH to change how things “work” in the prep for birth/breastfeeding/long term continuous support realm

This made me SO frustrated and honestly heart broken knowing that these women could have met their goals - and I could not do a THING to help them. 😩

I wanted to create an INCREDIBLE program that gave Mamas EVERYTHING they needed to be successful as a new Mama (specifically with PREP for breastfeeding and continuous support to meet your long term postpartum goals)...


The Universe brought Mikayla into my life (who is an incredible prenatal dietitian) and we have created the program that I ALWAYS wanted to provide.

SO many Mamas think they have ‘failed’ with their breastfeeding and postpartum goals.

‼️But they did NOT fail (the system that was MEANT to support them DID).‼️

And now Mamas Maternal Health and our Type 1 Diabetes Pregnancy Protocol is changing Mama’s lives EVERY DAY. ✊

(No ‘failing’ at ANYTHING in sight.)  

Our Signature program will change YOUR life too. Click here to learn more!

Can’t wait to support you. ❤  

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