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Learning to love your body through Pregnancy.

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Self love can be incredibly difficult for any and all women. Our bodies do not look the way we thought they would, our 'fat' goes to areas we never thought it would go to, our boobs start sagging before we wanted them to, and our skin doesn't glow even though we're using ALL the expensive lotions.

And then the journey that is pregnancy begins...

We are THRILLED to have a baby on the way, to grow our family... but we fear what may happen to our body. Unfortunately, we forget that our womanly curves are exactly the reason why we can have our baby in the first place!

In order to fully support a child in one's womb, our body must be strong and filled with nutrients! Our bodies gain weight, knowing that this additional weight will support the healthy life of this new born baby. We forget that our bodies know more than we do. It is simply our job to listen!

But then of course... we gain weight... but waaay more than we thought we would. Then what? Then the uncertainty comes. Why am I gaining so much weight? Where is it coming from? Is this negatively affecting my child? Will I be able to lose this weight after my pregnancy?

These are all questions that are incredibly individualized and should not be concrete in the response. The answer is unique to YOU and YOUR body and to YOUR pregnancy.

We must love our bodies through the trials, tribulations, ups, and downs that come with pregnancy. Here at Mamas Maternal Health, our Registered Dietitians/Lactation Counselors will help you to understand what exactly is happening throughout your pregnancy, reasons for pregnancy related changes in the female body, and how to cherish every moment of your pregnancy. Our Registered Dietitians will ensure you are given individualized yet scientifically based information and guidance throughout your pregnancy, no matter the difficulties and/or questions you face. Mamas Maternal Health will also guide you through breastfeeding and its importance for infants and moms.

Let us learn to LOVE our bodies through this incredible journey. Mothers are the givers of life and should be cherished in each and every way--- no matter the change in appearance.

Mamas Maternal Health celebrates mothers and wants to help YOU, so join us today to find out just how much you can accomplish!


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