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Top 3 ways to decrease autoimmune pregnancy stress by optimizing your routine.

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Mikayla- We're talking about the Top Three Ways to Decrease Autoimmune pregnancy stress through optimized routine. So Cassie is it okay if I do the intro then you tell us three steps to optimize routine.

Cassie- Sure thing, go for it.

Mikayla- Alright, so we know that the stress and overwhelm of early pregnancy effected does everyone you are not alone. We know that you have decreased energy that the nausea could be potentially terrible, horrible, and you feel like you just aren't getting anything done these days because this pregnancy is kicking your literal BEHIND. You are not alone. And this is the case for so many mamas that we run into, especially autoimmune mamas, I mean our bodies are doing incredible things by simply existing through this incredible time. Not to mention you're worried about your autoimmune diagnosis or that it will get in the way of healthy and happy pregnancy. So, this is inclusive of your birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding experience and weighs really really really heavy on you. So most people say that they're doing the best that they can in the first trimester, but they're allowing them micro amounts of daily stress to come in, and it really starts to add up. So it's something that we hear all the time is "I'm just winging it, you know, doing the best that we can", but ultimately that's allowing micro amounts of stress to occur every single day, and it's going to weigh heavy on you, but you're doing what you can, you're not realizing that the grass really is greener on the other side, when you're optimizing your prenatal team. It is totally the truth, and it is shown by the success of our clients right really taking the time to do this.

When we address autoimmune routine, early, early, early, and this is exactly what we do in the third pillar of our Healthy Autoimmune Pregnancy Protocol, you will notice that your autoimmune symptoms will shift, not saying that they will 100% go away, autoimmune flare ups are there and will be there. However, optimizing that routine, optimizing your lifestyle is going to impact your day to day feeling and that's a case of your autoimmune symptoms as well as your pregnancy symptoms. So you'll notice that pregnancy and autoimmune symptoms will decrease due to the fact that your daily foundation is strong with less stress better mindset and ultimately better health, which is the goal, better, better health, and not to mention that you will know for certain that you've done everything to promote healthy and happy pregnancy during your pregnancy by making sure you're putting this as a priority every single day. So that micro stress is released by knowing that you're doing everything in your power. Sometimes with stress, you constantlu feel like "oh, I should do more, I wish I could do more". It's like you're doing everything that you can. So, Cassie what are three steps that we can take to optimize our morning routine specifically what routine in general during our pregnancy and ditch that pregnancy stress yesterday!

Cassie- Yeah, exactly. So we have three different steps to optimize your routine and one of the biggest things with, specifically pregnancy, but with anyone's journey to, creating healthier lifestyle all of that is that morning routine. So these are some steps to kind of help to optimize this morning routine for you. So the first thing is take five minutes in the morning, just five minutes all has to be, to promote mindfulness, and this could be journaling, it could be meditation, it could be, if you're spiritual reading scripture. It could even be staring at your ceiling and just being within your personal space, not on your phone, not preoccupied with other things but actually just being in the present moment. Not looking to the future not thinking about, you know, "oh my gosh you did this embarrassing thing yesterday and I can't stop thinking about it" in the now and so all of these different things are going to help you be in your present moment and be more mindful and really help you to set that mood for the day.

The second thing is eating something, like so many people skip their breakfast, and with an autoimmune diagnosis. A lot of times we have medications that we have to take in the morning and we have to plan around that. Or morning sickness, morning sickness is terrible, sometimes you know you're not actually able to get food in, but if we can nourish ourselves at some point in this morning period, whatever it is whatever that looks like for you. You don't need, a five course breakfast, but having, a balanced little something to eat in the morning can really help to boost your metabolism really get your blood flowing, Your body working, ready for the day. Obviously, you know as much as we can, try and get something with protein or healthy fat, a carb, and maybe even a fruit and vegetable. You know, this could look like a bowl of oatmeal with some fruit and peanut butter. It could look like anything for you but just getting something in is going to help you with your blood sugar's, it's going to help with your stress levels, it's going to help with your mindset, and all of those things.

And then the third thing is to move your body, and this doesn't have to be like you have to exercise every single day, that's not what this looks like for most people. But it helps to get your blood flowing, it helps to strengthen your body and your posture. For me,on the days that I don't stretch or at least move a little bit I just feel like my body doesn't sit right. It helps with pelvic floor health. It helps with your brain. It helps reduce stress, anxiety, all of that stuff. So moving your body, whether that be stretching, whether it be exercising for 30 minutes, but having that movement in five times a week, is really going to help in this routine and help get your body say, "I am no longer asleep I am ready and active for my day". And again, it really helps with that mindset of your day and get you get you set up for success to get things done for the rest of the day. Do you have anything to add Mikayla.

Mikyala- No, that was great and it really can be that easy. It really, really can be that easy and that's the goal is to make it as easy as possible because we want you to actually do it, right? We want you to be able to implement this immediately, honestly do you know what I do, I literally lay on my bed. I'm not crisscross applesauce or anything or like that, with my hands like this, like no. I just set me alarm and and literally back, and that's what I do every single morning. For eating in the morning, especially if you have your medications if you have your autoimmune medications it can be hard. So for me I had to take my levothyroxine and then wait an hour and so do a lot of our clients here. And the same goes for other mamas here, you might have to wait some time. But respecting that time, is definitely important, we're gonna add that into this routine, respecting that time so that your medication can be absorbed. Definitely eat afterwards, though, which I know can be such a challenge, such a struggle, it can be so hard waiting an hour. Like it was so hard waiting because I was so hungry. But then moving your body, it doesn't have to be anything crazy and don't feel like you need to be sweating up a storm, it could be literally going for a walk, for like 25 minutes or whatever. Yes, the goal is about 30 minutes 5 times a week but any movement is better than no movement. So we really just want to incorporate that, maybe that's stretching for you maybe that's literally just stretching your body and feeling your muscles relax, whatever that means for you, it's perfect. Sublime. And whenever we tell our clients is that if you didn't do the exercise before pregnancy, probably do not started now. Because you don't want to have higher risk for hurting yourself. For example, don't start lifting heavy weights if you never have, it just not the right time. So, things that you felt really comfortable doing like exercise wise before you're pregnant, those are the kind of things that we want to see during pregnancy. Cassie do you have anything to add?

Cassie- Sure, so, all of these things may seem simple, but they may not be simple for you specifically because of your autoimmune diagnoses. So that's where we come in, if you're like, "how am I supposed to eat something with my morning sickness, and my medication and move my body because I don't feel good, like how am I going to do that?" This is again one of our pillars, so we make sure that you feel confident that you are getting all of these things, that your routine in the morning is optimized for both your mental health and your physical health. So that's something that we work with you through the Healthy Autoimmune Pregnancy Protocol so if you're interested, let us know. Comment below what what steps of these three things you want to start incorporating in your routine, we'd love to hear any feedback that you have. If there's something else that you have in your daily routine, let us know. We'd love to hear that too.

Mikayla- Yeah. So can we see your comments below and we'd love for you to share this, or like tag a friend of this, wherever you're seeing this video, send it, pin it, TikTok it. You can do whatever you want with this video but we're so glad that we could be with you today. We love you all and we will talk soon. Bye!

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