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Why blanket nutrition advice is NOT an option.

Nutrition these days is a HOT TOPIC, it's almost considered COOL to eat healthy. However, what we tend to forget is that HEALTH comes in all shapes, sizes, foods, exercises, etc.

Most people--- at some point in their lives--- have sought out nutrition advice for multiple reasons and stumbled upon the vast amount of information on the internet. To name a few; diets and detoxes, meal delivery services, or even mixes of both.

You've also probably found information on "the best foods to eat for this" or "the worst foods for that", but some of the foods overlap and others are some of your favorites. Can foods really be all that bad? The question of the year!

If you went further, you may have also signed up for meal plans and/or diets telling you the exact amounts of calories or macros that you need to eat in a day. This information may have been calculated by some algorithm based on a few personal indicators that you provided--- but it was still just one of the few versions of a diet that everyone who signed up also received. 

Maybe you even went to talk to your doctor, nutritionist, or even better, a dietitian. Maybe you looked at rates and picked the one you could afford or that was in your healthcare network. Maybe you saw them 3 times in a year, or if you were lucky, maybe more. Maybe you picked an amazing dietitian! Maybe they were able to sit down with you and make recommendations based off of everything going on in your life and you were then able to meet your goals through long term nutrition coaching. But maybe you didn't-- and wish you did... 

We don't all like the same music--not every form of exercise works for each person-- so why do we think that we can have one 'fix all' formula in a one-size-fits all scenario?

As much as we like to think of our bodies as well-oiled-machines, we aren't robots. We all have different food preferences as well as different metabolism, life-styles, habits, activity levels, schedules, routines, etc... The point is that no two Mamas lives are the same (meaning NO DIET should be the same). There is SO MUCH nutrition information on the internet and it can be very difficult to sort through! YOU are looking for valid and reliable information to better your life and NOW IS THE TIME to find your answers.

You now have a little one on the way and its time to get your own personal nutrition in check.

Mamas Maternal Health stands for INDIVIDUALIZED coaching to help you reach your goals as a new mom. If you are a mother looking for the BEST nutritional foundation for herself and her baby during pregnancy and postpartum, join us today! (I am not sure about this paragraph, what do you think?) To find out more about how to make changes that are specific to YOU, join us today!

Until next time!

Mikayla and Cassie

Mamas Maternal Health Registered Dietitians/Lactation Counselors

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