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Hi! I'm Cassie, and I co-founded the Healthy Autoimmune Pregnancy Protocol because I have seen FIRSTHAND, the lack of support mamas with autoimmune diagnoses have during their pregnancy, but ALSO in their postpartum/breastfeeding journeys. 

When I was a fresh ‘out-of-college’ Registered Dietitian and Lactation Counselor specializing in pregnancy and breastfeeding – wanting to help Mamas EVERYWHERE-- I soon understood the hard truth that women with autoimmune diseases RARELY get the breastfeeding & postpartum support they need to set Mama & Baby up for LONG TERM HEALTH.

So, I started my journey learning EVERYTHING I COULD to help autoimmune Mamas with exclusive breastfeeding and postpartum HEALTH.

My whole career has been based on getting women the help and support they need outside of the restraints of common healthcare and doctor’s offices -- and in this journey I have helped Mamas breastfeed again after only getting DROPLETS of milk, or fighting against the odds when breastfeeding seemed IMPOSSIBLE. And now it’s time to help Mamas like YOU, do the same...


Hi! I’m Mikayla and I co-founded the Healthy Autoimmune Pregnancy Protocol because I know how it feels to find the RIGHT support when it comes to health for autoimmune diseases. Not too long ago, I was another struggling woman with Hashimoto’s and Plaque Psoriasis looking for the best way to treat my symptoms.

I was an expert in my field as a pregnancy-specific Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Certified Lactation Counselor, but I quickly learned a hard lesson: you can have all the nutrition knowledge in the world… but unless you know how to nourish for AUTOIMMUNE specifically, it’s not possible to aid symptoms or take back the reins to your autoimmune led life.

So, I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about nutrition to AID autoimmune diseases - to BEST care for not only MYSELF, but our pregnant Mama clients…

In my search to master everything about nutrition for autoimmune diagnoses, I was able to gain control over my symptoms and be the leader in MY life via anti-inflammatory

NUTRITION -- and HAD to share it with expecting Mamas like YOU looking to put their health (and their baby’s health) FIRST this pregnancy...


SO, we put together a program to teach Mikayla’s signature autoimmune nutrition methodology paired with pregnancy nutrition to promote a minimal symptom/ COMPLICATION FREE PREGNANCY…




Cassie’s signature methodology to succeed with breastfeeding (even when the world says you CAN’T) and to reach optimal postpartum health that we have seen WORK time and time again.

And THAT is how the ‘Healthy Autoimmune Pregnancy Protocol’ was BORN! 

This program has CHANGED past Mama client’s lives, and now it will change YOURS TOO.

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