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Hi! I'm Cassie, and I co-founded the Type 1 Diabetes Pregnancy Protocol because I have seen FIRSTHAND, the lack of support mamas with autoimmune diagnoses, specifically T1Ds have during their pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding journeys.

I have devoted my career as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Lactation Counselor to learn EVERYTHING I CAN to help autoimmune Mamas with T1D exclusively breastfeed and promote high quality postpartum HEALTH --


...And in this journey, I have helped Mamas breastfeed again after only getting DROPS of milk, or fighting against the odds when breastfeeding seemed IMPOSSIBLE. 

And now it’s time to help Mamas like YOU, do the same...



Hi! I’m Mikayla and I co-founded the Type 1 Diabetes Pregnancy Protocol because I know how it feels to find the RIGHT support when it comes to health for autoimmune diseases.

As someone who’s mother has Type 1 Diabetes, and who also personally has Hashimoto’s and Psoriasis, I know it’s EXTREMELY difficult to find expert support regarding chronic illnesses. 

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Certified Lactation Counselor - my mission is to provide evidence based nutrition support to AID autoimmune diagnoses, specifically T1D - to BEST care for our expecting Mama clients.


And in doing so, I have helped clients reach (and maintain) their goal A1Cs, reduce autoimmune flare ups, and avoid complications in including the infamous postpartum flareup...


We put together the 'Type 1 Diabetes Pregnancy Protocol' to give you access to Mikayla’s signature T1D nutrition methodology paired with pregnancy nutrition to promote a minimal symptom and COMPLICATION FREE T1D PREGNANCY… 


Cassie’s signature methodology to succeed with breastfeeding and to reach optimal postpartum health as a Type 1 Diabetic that we have seen WORK time and time again.