If you are ready to TAKE A STAND in your nutritional health and wellness for YOURSELF and your FUTURE FAMILY then Mamas Maternal Health is here for you! 

What programs do we offer?

The Type 1 Diabetes Pregnancy Protocol

A 12 month 1:1 pregnancy coaching program that focuses on:

  • Nutrition and lifestyle factors to achieve and maintain a goal A1C, reduce the risks of pregnancy complications and postpartum flare-ups

  • Prep for birth and breastfeeding with Type 1 so that you can have the birth story and breastfeeding you want (you don't have to be stuck in the high-risk category that other medical professionals always put you in)

  • Breastfeed like a boss while healing and becoming reacquainted with your body as a new mama

The 90-Day T1D Fertility Framework

A 3 months group coaching program that teaches you:

  • How to prep your body to get pregnant and stay pregnant with T1D

  • Nutriton to control blood sugars, to meet your goal A1C, and regulate your cycle to get pregnant 

  • How to get the vitamins and minerals to promote pregnancy through food

  • What you need to know about your cycle in regards to your fertility journey

Click below to learn more about our signature consulting program, 'The Type 1 Diabetes Pregnancy Protocol'. 

Click below to learn more about the 90-Day T1D Fertility Framework. (Only open at certain times of the year)