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If you are ready to TAKE A STAND in your nutritional health and wellness for YOURSELF and your FUTURE FAMILY then Mamas Maternal Health is here for you! 



Concierge Maternal Healthcare for T1D and Autoimmune

An individualized and high touch healthcare program that focuses on your needs at the maternal stage you are in:

  • Fertility couching to help you prepare your body to get pregnant and stay pregnant. 

  • Nutrition and lifestyle factors to achieve and maintain a goal A1C, reduce autoimmune symptoms, manage inflammation markers, reduce the risks of pregnancy complications and postpartum flare-ups

  • Prep for birth and breastfeeding with Type 1 and other autoimmune diagnoses so that you can have the birth story and breastfeeding journey you want (you don't have to be stuck in the high-risk category that other medical professionals always put you in).

  • Breastfeed like a boss while healing and becoming reacquainted with your body as a new mama.

The 90-Day Fertility Framework

A 3 months group coaching program that teaches you:

  • How to prep your body to get pregnant and stay pregnant with T1D and autoimmune diagnoses.

  • Nutrition to control blood sugars and meet goal A1C, decrease inflammation, reach ideal blood panel readings (ex: TSH, T3, Antibodies), and regulate your cycle to get pregnant and STAY pregnant.

  • How to get the vitamins and minerals to promote pregnancy through food and supplements.

  • What you need to know about your cycle in regards to your autoimmune fertility journey.

  • Need to know's for partner health!

Click below to learn more about the 90-Day Fertility Framework. (Only open at certain times of the year). Next group opening in January 2023. Sign up today!

The Birth and Breastfeeding Blueprint

A comprehensive course to prepare for a complication-free birth and successful exclusive breastfeeding journey with T1D and/or Autoimmune Diagnoses.

What you will learn:

  • How to prep for birth and create a birthing plan that honors your diagnoses.

  • What you need to do for exclusive breastfeeding with T1D and Autoimmune diagnoses.

  • Nutrition for autoimmune breastfeeding and reducing risk of a postpartum autoimmune flare-up.

  • What you need to know about T1D and autoimmune diagnoses while going through birth and breastfeeding that you WON'T learn from your hospital until it's too late.

  • *Private Support Option Add-On for women who want 1:1 calls with an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant*

Not sure which program is the right fit for you? Book a free consultation call to figure out how Mamas Maternal Health can help you change your maternal journey for the better!

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