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How long does it actually take to establish a breastfeeding latch?

This is a question that not many people ask, and the reason makes us sad...

Many people don't even KNOW to ask questions like this.

Most people do get some prenatal classes that touch on most parts of pregnancy, but they don't go into depth about what you really need to know. This is because they only have a short time to cover absolutely everything.

So you might be pregnant and you are taking (or took) a prenatal class and you are feeling pretty confident. Maybe you are still a little uneasy about the information given, but that's okay, because you will have some time in the hospital to re-learn everything---right?

Maybe you just gave birth and everything seemed to go well in the hospital... but now you're home and can't seem to get in a good breastfeeding session. What do you do now?

Your prenatal classes didn't prepare you for when things go wrong while breastfeeding. You had minimal issues in the hospital with your feedings, so the nurses let you be. But now, you have no one and it feels as though you can't and won't make it in your breastfeeding journey.

They didn't tell you that it can take a full month before you and your baby establish a good latch. And yes, we said you AND your baby because it takes two to tango. Just as much as you need to learn and use 'trial and error' to figure out what the heck to do, so does your baby. Even for moms that have had babies before, just because she has been-there-done-that, her baby will still need time to learn a 'good latch'.

Some mama/baby duo's may take less time, and that's okay too! But always remember to never compare ourselves to other mamas.


Because they aren't given this information, many women stop breastfeeding within the first month postpartum. And we're not talking supplementing with formula while still trying to breastfeed--- that is a whole different group of women and topic entirely.

I am saying, these women completely stop because 'no one told them it would be this hard... '

Did you know, the majority of problems that women face while breastfeeding can be helped by seeing a lactation specialist?

If this is you, you are not alone. For this reason, you most likely have yet to see a lactation specialist. You may have never been referred to one either.

OR: You DID see a lactation specialist, however the meeting was brief and left you feeling worse than you did walking in. You didn't feel like you had the time to truly discuss your issue, or get to the real reason behind it all. You didn't feel like the lactation specialist had the time, or truly cared about your success with breastfeeding.

If any of this sounds familiar---can we get an AMEN!


As I said before, this is the reason most people don't ask deeper questions such as time to establish a latch...

You aren't given the opportunity to, you don't have anyone to support you, you feel alone without a community by your side, or you feet isolated without a human connection that caress about your success.


All of this makes us so sad.

Healthcare for women these days lacks attention to detail and the emotion that is connected to pregnancy. Women deserve.... scratch that... YOU deserve the time and energy you need in order to be successful in multiple areas of maternal health, and specifically breastfeeding.

That being said, this is why we are in business.

This is why we help make connections with other women to show you that you are 1) not alone and 2) doing a great job!

If you are a mama that is reading this because she is looking to be SO READY for motherhood -- or as ready as you can be -- Mamas Maternal Health would love to help get you there by supporting you, and creating connections with other women who are on the same journey as YOU!

Thanks for reading and as always...

Your health today is a LIFETIME of health for you AND your baby.

Until next time!

Coaches Cassie and Mikayla



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