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How to believe in your body again with an autoimmune pregnancy

Cassie- Okay, so today we're talking about how to believe in your body again with an autoimmune pregnancy, this is actually one of our first pillars when we're in working with clients, one on one, because we know that with everything going on and with your diagnosis, it's really easy to feel like your body is broken, and due to those high risks and potential horror stories of having autoimmune pregnancies. There's a really good chance that you maybe have lost hope whether it's consciously or subconsciously in your ability to have a healthy pregnancy and so these are some of the things right off the bat, we take care of, so that you can feel like you can have faith in your body again and that you can have a healthy pregnancy, and enjoy your pregnancy. So, Mikayla Do you want to talk about why this is a problem.

Mikayla- I would love to let me, if you actually continue for a second because I'm doing some background.

Cassie- Alright so let me tell you guys about the problem. So, why is this a problem. So if you go into anything in life with the attitude that you will most likely fail. You probably will fail, you bring that failure onto yourself, you have to reset your mind to a point of positivity, so that you can actually achieve the positive things you're looking for. So let's dive a little bit deeper into that because that's a little, that's a little woowoo, for some people, but this is a very real thing if we're bringing on stress, anxiety and overwhelm into our bodies into our pregnancies, if we're having, if we want to have a healthy pregnancy but we're constantly stressed, we're constantly overwhelmed. We're constantly having anxiety about whether you know it's going to be healthy pregnancy or not, that is more detrimental than, you know, or just as detrimental as, not taking care of your body physically, not taking care of your body mentally will cause a physical reaction. You know, if you're thinking that things are going to go wrong, they will go wrong that's just how things work, but we need to bring like faith and love towards our body during this time whether maybe necessarily we believe it at first, or not, because that's going to be the key to creating a environment both mentally, physically and mentally for our bodies to thrive and survive, anything to add there Mikayla.

Mikayla- No, I think you did an amazing job and I'm ready to talk about the solution. Okay. If you're ready, do you want to add anything.

Cassie- I did want to add, now that I'm thinking about I did want to add a couple things. But basically, you know, these things can manifest in so many different ways and in a belief in our body because we feel like our bodies are broken, you know, Not being able to enjoy foods, not just outside of aversions but you know saying like, "Oh, I can't eat this or I can't eat that it's not gonna it's not healthy or unhealthy", having a you know a poor relationship with our body a poor relationship with our food. And I know that sounds again kind of woowoo, but and then also at the same time like movement all of these things that seem relatively outside of the sphere that can bring us joy. A lot of times when we don't trust our body we don't trust our relationships with these things that can bring us joy and be, they basically become a point of stress for us so all of these things it's not just like the health of your pregnancy, but it's almost your day to day as well so I just wanted to add that in there because I think it's, it's so, there's so many things that goes into it. And when we are able to enjoy our day to day we're able to enjoy, enjoy our bigger picture lives as well so I wanted to throw that in there.

Mikayla- Yeah, that was so good, snaps for Cassie, let her know. First, when we talking about solutions, how do we start to believe in our body again right like that's such a huge that is such a huge hurdle and it's not an easy thing to do, and especially as they're like subconscious beliefs, and you know talking to so many women with autoimmune diagnoses, including myself, there is an underlying lack of belief in our bodies because it has let us down so many times right we go to the doctor's office and oh yeah, up your medication for this or Oh, you gotta add your insulin because oh your A1C isn't good enough are like, Oh, you're that, like so many autoimmune diagnoses kind of leave you feeling like your body is broken and unable to care for itself. So how can we be expected to think that our body is whole wholly entirely prepared to have a baby so I just want us to, have that kind of moment like I understand, and it's, we understand that you feel like your body is just not there for you and it's like, well, how can I believe in myself, when if I don't have the, the history like I don't have data to suggest now my body is there for me. So, yeah, well, yes, but it's true though.

Cassie- Thanks, Liz said, heck yeah this is great stuff love seeing you ladies out there killing it yeah Thanks Liz, thanks for watching.

Mikayla- Love you, um, SHARE this if you want. Anyway, the more eyes the better right mamas maternal health, but anyway, how do we do this first and foremost we need to be concerned about our health and our pregnancy, rather than anybody else's. So the minute that we are comparing ourselves, and look online there's so many different platforms there's so many different Facebook pages all these different things that say, this is the right thing to do, this is the right thing to eat this is the right lifestyle to lead. These are the right foods to avoid especially with autoimmune diagnosis, there are so many restrictive diets out there that are you know claimed to heal you, when really it tends to just give you more anxiety and overwhelm about what you're consuming and eating and like foods not fun anymore. Anyway, I'm getting off topic. So moms, there are so many stories or something like people just want to share their stories they want to share because that is what community is, however, if we start focusing on other people's stories more than our own. Then we start to see the fault in our bodies the faults in ourselves and faults and how our body works. So first we need to stop and just stop all the other noise because ultimately it's not helping you right now and that information you might say "Mikayla but I'm learning so much" but how much of the information actually pertains to you and your health and your diagnosis that's really the question. Probably very very little, it's a, it's an overabundance of information that is only causing overwhelm and self doubt. So the second thing that we really want to do is break down limiting beliefs. So again, this is like subconscious stuff, and it was pregnancy, like your mindset is huge. Your mindset is, this is you becoming a mother, this is you bringing another human into this world, And your mindset impacts how you enjoy that pregnancy, how your, your baby feels you're feeling like you want to be on top of your mindset. So one of the first things that we do with our clients is, it has nothing to do with food or nutrition and lifestyle, its actually really working on our limiting beliefs and our mindset. So, this is a limiting beliefs exercise that we do for our clients so grab a pen and paper. If you like these questions this exercise, comment below and we will message you and we'll email the questions to you, so don't feel like it's the end all be all because we're going to go kind of fast through these but definitely messages below if you want this limiting belief, exercise, so these are questions we go through, what is the limiting behavior that is holding you back. Alright so what an example of this Cassie you think.

Cassie- So, this could be a number of things but I mean like in this example. Specifically, we could say that my body is broken, and is incapable of having a healthy pregnancy.

Mikayla- Yes, especially if you've experienced lots of traumatic birthing or pregnancy stories like miscarriages or something like that, this is definitely something that we need to work through, so we can get past this feeling. The second is the underlying the underlying limiting belief that's related to the behavior. So, this is it goes into behavioral understanding as well. So Cassie you have an example of that at the top of your head.

Cassie- The underlying limiting belief that's related to the behavior. So, like what like break what so what we said was the that my body is broken because of my autoimmune diagnosis so what is underlying limiting beliefs that's actually related to the to the behavior and limiting yourself. So, I probably say I mean this could be, this is going to be different for every single person, as we, as we know, but something like, I don't know, not wanting to try to have a healthy pregnancy, because it's basically useless, because you're going to have an unhealthy pregnancy anyway because your body's broken. That's probably it.

Mikayla- Yeah, that was really good Cassie, um, and then the source of the belief that I if I could do that one is like the source of belief is coming from the years upon years of going to doctor's visits and them saying there's something wrong with you, I think, I mean, I've struggled with that in the past and I have Hashimotos since I was in middle school, so that's like my developmental years of saying you don't work right. Yeah, that's that's really deep,

Cassie- Jean said 'why is my body attacking myself'. Yes, that's a great one too. Yes, seriously. Like I feel like all of these there's so much that goes into it, this, this stuff gets really deep. So if you are not prepared to do something that's really deep, don't even start this exercise but if you're, if you're ready to actually combat these limiting beliefs and have a healthy pregnancy, then, then this is this, this will get you there. Okay, go for it Mikayla,

Mikayla- Absolutely. Okay, so what are the benefits of holding on to the belief. So an example of this could be like actually Cass even doing really good examples do you have an example of benefit of holding on to the belief,

Cassie- Sure, so well, so one of the things it's like, acknowledging that our bodies do everything, and our bodies, our minds do everything to keep us safe, to help us survive. That's our basic mechanism. And so some of these, you know, fears and limiting beliefs are things that are things we've created subconsciously, to keep ourselves safe. So there, so there are benefits in a way. So recognizing that and acknowledging that our bodies have kept us safe, and our minds have kept us safe by doing this, but we have to find out, you know, we want to acknowledge that. So the first one is that, again, the benefits of holding on to the belief. So some of the benefits would be, you know, maybe not having a pregnancy, so that you don't experience the tragedy of miscarriage or maybe you don't undergo the stress of a pregnancy on your body. There's so many things that could go into it but basically if your main desire is to actually have a healthy pregnancy and have a healthy baby. These beliefs actually don't serve you, which goes into the next question if you want to get into that, Mikayla.

Mikayla- Absolutely. Okay, so consequences of limiting beliefs. So right from Cassie, she said a benefit, may be I didn't have to transition to motherhood, you know, and you might not want to admit that out loud, but it is.. you want to take care of another human, but what is the consequence of holding on to the belief, you are still afraid of, you're not afraid, but you have yet to become a mom, maybe, maybe that's it so this is this is getting really this is gonna be really deep. There's the benefits and the consequences.

Cassie- Yeah

Mikayla- Basically the same thing usually because it's like, you just kind of like your greatest attribute is also the hardest so like for me, I'm, I'm very much of an empathy person so I feel everything which is really awesome but the consequences that I feel everything which is draining. Is this ultimate truth How can we find examples of false hood behind this belief. So there are actually 11 questions in total so I don't, I was thinking we could go through them all, but it's already 15 minutes into this Live, so I'll just read out the ultimate truth, is this the ultimate truth. How can we find examples of falsehood. The new thought based on the last question you choose to believe instead to create a new empowering story. How do you feel after working through this biggest limiting belief. How does it feel to uncover the real truth and create a new reality on that. And how is or what is the new truth that you are committed to creating, and how does this truth feel to you. So, this is really something that we go through every single one of our clients. One of our breastfeeding clients she went through it again, Going into breastfeeding, to figure out what are the limiting beliefs behind exclusively breastfeeding like that's that's a challenge and so let's break it down. So anyway, we really wanted to show this to you, believing in our bodies again because your body is powerful, your body is beautiful. Your body is wonderful and there's so many things going on in there, but it's time to celebrate it and know that our autoimmune diagnoses are not... We can love them in a different way, and they teach us so many things and we can get through this. So anyway, want to share this with you. I hope this was very beneficial for you. CASS You want to add anything to those before we close out.

Cassie- I don't think so yeah so if you want, if you want this full exercise, obviously you're not going to just sit there and like, "Okay, let me write down what they said." If you want this full exercise message Mikayla or I and we will send you those all of the questions typed up so that you can answer them on your own and go through this exercise on your own.

Mikayla- Amen. So, anyway, like we were talking about this the first thing that we do with our private clients. Our autoimmune mamas so if you're interested in our program it is the Healthy Autoimmune Pregnancy Protocol. So if that is something that you would be interested in learning more about let us know, we'll put the information in the comments below, but thank you so much for coming out and supporting this Live, share it, tell your friends, we love ya'll, and next time we're going to be on a couple more platforms at the same time. This was learning something new. So anyway, we love you all very very much. Cassie do you have anything to add?

Cassie- That's it everyone. Thanks everyone and have a great day!


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