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Smart Shopping During Food Shortages

While the spread of the Corona Virus is causing a panic and the virus is rapidly spreading, how do you still eat healthily and feed your growing baby and family?

If you haven't been to the store, a lot of the shelf-stable, canned, and frozen foods are completely cleaned out. BUT the fresh fruits and veggies are plentiful!

Buy some for now and if you want to stock up, buy to store in your freezer for later use. It might actually be cheaper as stores begin to put fresh foods on sale to make sure they don't go back while in stock.

If you can find canned and frozen products-- this may be good to stock up on if you feel like you need to-- but as of right now, most grocery stores will remain open for customers to come and buy food.


Obviously, we need protein so here are some great ways to get your protein in that you may not have thought of!

Organ meats will always be available and packed with nutrients. It is recommended that pregnant women only consume ~3 ounces one time per week, but can be a great way to feed you and your family if all the regular meats aren't available!

You can also go for the bagged beans or lentils as most people don't know how to use them and are shelf-stable!

You actually get more bang for your buck with these as they expand in size when you use them. Lastly, nuts and seeds are great protein sources that are also packed with a bunch of essential nutrients and don't seem to be flying off the shelf as of right now.

Get your grains!

Yes, a lot of pasta and bread are sold out but you can still find plenty of rice, quinoa, oats, barley, and alternative flours to get all your whole-grain nutrients! Get creative and try a new recipe with different grains!


Again, if you have been to the grocery store you have seen that most of the shelf-stable products have been completely sold out. Instead of panicking that all your food is going to spoil, buy fresh products and freeze yourself, such as meat, milk, fruit, veggies, even eggs. They will stay fresh and ready to use when you need them!

Don't just wash your hands, make sure to wash your fresh produce because as we know there are dirt and pesticides from the fields they grow in, but also think about all the other people that touch your food before you buy it?

Amid the craziness, we want to keep our cool. While we don't know when the isolation will end, we do know that if everyone buys what they need for a 1-2 week period, there will be enough for everyone. This will give stores enough time to restock and allow everyone to buy the things they need and not buy unnecessary things out of panic.


  1. How are you eating healthy during food shortages?

  2. Did you learn something new from this blog post?

Reply and send your answers to, we would love to hear from you!


Thanks for reading and as always...

Your health today is a LIFETIME of health for you AND your baby.

Until next time!

Coaches Cassie and Mikayla



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