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Creating your support system

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

For today's #mondaymotivation we would like to motivate you to identify and challenge yourself and your support system. Your support system is more important than many realize, especially during pregnancy and thereafter.

Some women have countless friends they can rely on, some have one really close friend. Some have many family members, others may have their partner. Some may have a great team of healthcare providers, some may have one great one. Some women may have all of these and some may have none. Most women fall somewhere in between, but each has a journey and their unique support system will help them get there.

Once you have identified your goals, either through the help of your team or yourself, it is important to check in to make sure everyone is on the same page. At Mamas Maternal Health, we challenge you to ask yourself and your support system these three questions----so that you can work together to help achieve your goals:

1. How are you/they helping me to meet my goals?

2. In what other ways can you/they help me to meet my goals?

3. Are there things you/they are doing that are preventing me from meeting my goals, and if so what are they?

Although the third question is hard to ask of someone you love, it is necessary for growth. If your support system is there for you, they will be willing to have these hard conversations.

Often in life we find our self to be stagnant. Not only can these questions be helpful for your support team--but may also be helpful with your own personal growth. We also challenge you to take these questions and replace the you/they with I/myself.

For example:

1. How am I helping myself to meet my goals?

2. In what other ways can I help myself to meet my goals?

3. Are there things I am doing that are preventing me from meeting my goals, and if so what are they?

These questions can be used in any stage of life, pregnancy, breastfeeding, work, school, etc. and your support system should be there for all of it. The people may differ---for example health care providers during different stages of life---,however each person has an important role to play.

Here at Mamas Maternal Health, these are the types of questions we expect and look forward to. Your support system is so important and we would love to be on your team to help you through your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. See how we can be involved on our website!

Until next time!

Mikayla and Cassie

Mamas Maternal Health Lactation Counselors/Dietitians

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